TotalEnergies offers local support

The flood damage experienced in the Hawkes Bay has been devastating and the full extent of the damage is only just being realised.

Our entire NZ team pass on our deepest sympathies to all those who have lost homes and businesses and we appreciate the difficulties which many are going through at present.

Our locally based technical team is just a phone call or a visit away (or they can come to you) if you need any recommendation around flushing and change processes or product requirements. This is a free service.

The recovery and clean-up operation around the North Island, and in particular East Coast, will no doubt be underway for some time. We do have a message for all contractors working tirelessly to remove mud and silt from properties, there have been many shortages in the lubricants industry over the past few months but just before Christmas we received multiple shipments that means TotalEnergies Hastings warehouse is fully stocked and ready to supply those individuals and businesses that require lubricant supplies.

The extent of the clean-up will result in equipment arriving from other areas of the country including contractors probably unfamiliar with the supply lines available in the Hawkes Bay. Many of those involved may not be TotalEnergies customers and may be concerned at sourcing lubricants for their equipment. We can assure those operators that we will cover their requirements where possible. Payments for non-TotalEnergies customers can be discussed with those concerned and processed accordingly.

Experience has shown that maintaining recommended oil change periods for equipment operating in such flood damaged areas is critical. The possible ingress of water or silt into lubricated areas can result in significant component wear with long term damaging effects on the equipment. Therefore, regular servicing is highly recommended. In situations where machinery has been inundated with flood water a full system flush to remove water and impurities will be required.

TotalEnergies NZ CEO Reuben Thickpenny and Technical Advisor Bob Foothead

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