Consolidate your suppliers with TotalEnergies New Zealand. We are home to the best brands in the business, and cover all your lubrication, cleaning, and filtration needs. It’s all here under one roof.


TOTAL offers the best and most extensive range of oil, grease and lubricants New Zealand has to offer. TOTAL continuously innovates – enabling its researchers and developers to achieve higher performance levels in technology, machine life, and energy savings. This allows customers efficiencies on energy savings, reduced downtimes, and lower Total Cost of Ownership. The TOTAL range caters to every New Zealand industry, and withstands even the toughest of conditions.


ELF is no newcomer to the global lubricants landscape. Backed by over 50 years of history and R&D, its quality is based on strong experience in motorsports, and more than 150 Formula 1 victories. ELF products prove measurable longevity and engine protection for cars, motorcycles and heavy-duty vehicles.


Lubmarine delivers a wide range of pioneering marine engine oils and greases operating under the most sever conditions. Alongside TotalEnergies, the Lubmarine Research Centre’s chemists create new formulations and improve existing ones under OEMs approval. Lubmarine are committed to advising shipowners in the most relevant lubrication practices, to face maritime regulatory, technical, and operational challenges.

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Pacific Bio Lubricants (PBL) is a subsidiary of Europe-based BIONA Group. LubEco exclusively develop, manufacture, and distribute a range of environmentally friendly lubricants LUBECOto New Zealand, Australia, and across the Pacific Region. Over two decades of leading experience in manufacturing and R&D of bio-lubricants.

International quality standards ISO:9001, ISO:14001, EU Ecolabel, GVP, TC-W3, ISCC. Close cooperation with the World’s leading suppliers of additives (Rheinchemie, BASF, Evonik, Chevron). LubEco know oils thoroughly and proudly stand behind each and every drop they produce!


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Cargo Oil

CARGO Oil is the market leader for food-grade lubricants, and has been developing H1 food-grade lubricants for over 40 years. The company has a dedicated food-grade product division, consisting of product development, manufacturing and blending, food safety and compliance, which has allowed it to stay at the forefront of the food industry needs, whether it be end user or OEM.


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Oil Intel

Oil Intel is the homegrown brand of TotalEnergies New Zealand. This is the in-house brand that completes our product offering – from high-performance specialized racing fluids, right through to truck wash and hand cleaners. We’ve got it all right here, under one roof.



Chemz® is a 100% New Zealand owned and operated manufacturer of aerosol and bulk chemical products made for specific industry sectors, with a product range that focuses on trade quality cleaners, lubricants, coatings and maintenance products.


Chemz TotalEnergies NZ


Enirgi Power Storage is one of Australia’s leading supplier of Industrial batteries. With technological innovation and its commitment for excellence, Enirgi Power Storage is a company that industries can rely on when it comes to supplying portable power.


Energi Batteries TotalEnergies


Ryco has led the way in filtration manufacturing, design and development for over 80 years. In that time, they’ve adapted to the most demanding conditions – both in business and our environment – to support their partners’ success.



Sakura Filters are produced by one of the largest filter manufacturers in Asia Pacific Region. Sakura Filters Australia has been in the aftermarket filtration industry for over 30 years in Australia and New Zealand markets. Registered in more than 120 countries worldwide, Sakura Filters products are produced and designed to meet our local needs.


Sakura Filters


For over 100 years, Donaldson have helped solve some of the world’s most complex filtration challenges. Donaldson are driven to provide solutions to their customers; motivated to do their best work; and committed to doing the right thing in business and community.


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