Our Responsibilities

Corporate responsibilities earns a central place across our divisions. It is embedded in our pillars and reinforced through various initiatives. At TotalEnergies New Zealand, responsibility encompasses looking after People and Planet, both externally and internally.

Safety is a top priority at TotalEnergies New Zealand. We are known to have the most advanced Health & Safety procedures in the industry. Our rigid procedures carry through to our customers: deliveries, use of our products – we ensure these are accompanied with clear safety procedures and quality equipment to ensure the safety of your, and our, people.

Did you know of our waste oil collection? Or our spearheading a ground-breaking lubricant container recycling program? At TotalEnergies New Zealand, we strive for a better world every day.

Lubricant Container Stewardship

Spearheaded by our technical expert Bob Foothead, and in collaboration with a dedicated working group, the Lubricant Container Stewardship Scheme strives to set-up a circular oil container recycling program in New Zealand. This is a truly pioneering program and could virtually eliminate oil container waste.

Embracing bio? Of course!

As a company, we collaborate with our partner TotalEnergies to continuously improve and innovate. Intensive research and testing has led to a number of more sustainable oil solutions, with far greater biodegradable properties as their predecessors. TotalEnergies New Zealand embraces and implements these more sustainable, high-quality lubricants where applicable.

The little things mean a lot

At TotalEnergies New Zealand, we prefer sending invoices electronically. This switch has meant benefits for all – more efficiency and speed for customers, less paper use for the environment. We also recycle all our office waste, reducing our regular waste by about 2/3 each week.

Our broader involvement

Whether it be in the form of a local sponsorship, helping in the community or donating to a good cause, at TotalEnergies New Zealand we care about people and communities across New Zealand.

ROSE: Oil Recovery

Recovering Oil Saves the Environment, or short: R.O.S.E., is a scheme set up to manage the collection of waste oil. This is then reused as an alternative fuel source. TotalEnergies New Zealand has been working with this scheme for many years – supporting its environmental targets. As well as those of our customers.

Would you like to learn more about the R.O.S.E. oil collection scheme?

Did you know?

Every staff member receives one paid day a year to spend volunteering for a charity of their choice. It is a great way to be involved in amazing local community initiatives and causes.

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