Hi-Perf: the engine oil daily partner of your motorbike

We take care of your bike, you take care of your ride

Your motorbike oil is crucial

  • Cutting-edge R&D in lubricant innovation for over 50 years
    TotalEnergies invests in cutting-edge technologies to find raw materials that always bring you more energy saving.
  • A trusted partner, products approved by motorcycle manufacturers
    Hi-Perf range is made to meet the needs of OEMs such as Bajaj and CF MOTO to improve the durability of the bike.

Why choose Hi-Perf?

Durability Improver

Technical benefits

  • Enhanced Deposit Control
  • Enhanced Oxidation Control
  • Enhanced Wear Protection
  • Enhanced Clutch Friction Durability

Fuel Economy

Helps you save money on daily rides

  • Reduced Frictional Losses
  • No Compromise On Clutch Operation

Cooling Effect

Makes your daily rides cooler in
hot and humid environments

  • Controlled Oil Sump Temperature
  • Rapid Thermal Load Spread

Fluid Analysis

Lube Guide

Tech Support

Tech Support