TotalEnergies New Zealand is proud to call New Zealand home. With our ground roots in Hawkes Bay, we branch out to the North and South of New Zealand, making ourselves a part of numerous local communities. Sponsorship plays a large roll in giving back to these communities, and we are dedicated to developing each relationship these sponsorships bring – to better both you and the community.

Each day, TotalEnergies New Zealand receives many worthy sponsorship requests. From large corporate events and awards, to sports clubs and individual racing drivers – all something we dream to be a part of. As we receive a significant amount of these requests, we want to support our communities with a fair and transparent process that allows all worthy requests a chance to receive sponsorship.

Eligible sponsorship applications should meet the following criteria:

  1. This partnership will directly benefit people in the local community
  2. The partnership is for a group or individual that without community funding would not be able to do the work that benefits others
  3. This partnership is for a specific fundraising event(s) or activity

Applications are reviewed every Friday by the marketing team at Support Office. You will be contacted with the outcome of your sponsorship request, or we may have a few more questions for you! Even if you have spoken personally to someone in the TotalEnergies New Zealand team, it is essential for you to complete a form to be reviewed. Please note that due to global supply shortages we are unable to support you with product until further notice.

For staff sponsorship requests, please click here.

For other sponsorship requests, please click here.

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