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PitRat Racing – What a season

Total Oil have been sponsoring Rex from PitRat Racing for some time now – and he never disappoints!
The Pit Rat Racing team put on a phenomenal performance over the 2020/2021 season, and Rex Duckett highlights their season below.

“Well what a season we have had. Our first full season in Doorslammer and hoping for some good results. We started the season with some test n tuning but the weather wasn’t great resulting in a cold track making it hard to put some power down. We managed to analyse the data in the off season and got her going straight down the track again but not without tyre shake.

With frustrations mounting and a lot of head scratching we took the PitRat to a chassis tuner who looked over her and made a sketched plan showing the centre of the car with different four link (rear end) settings and explained what could happen at each setting. He set it on what he thought would be a good beginning setting and off we went to Meremere full of hope. Our first pass wasn’t the best but it wasn’t the car this time it was a bit of crew error. So with that ironed out off we go for the second run and “Hallelujah” it was a nice strong, straight pass and back in the 6 seconds at 206mph, third run very similar. We are finally on to something!

Unfortunately we were out in the first elimination run so back on the trailer to head the final meeting in Masterton. As this wasn’t a points meeting we decided to use it as a test and tune and play with some of the adjustments for the rear end on the sketched plan and see how much power we could throw at her. And OMG we certainly found the tipping point almost literally.”

LOWLIGHTS – Finding that tipping point and scaring the bejesus out of us all. Fighting the tyre shake
HIGHLIGHTS – Coming 3rd NZ in the National point’s series. Having an awesome 5 page feature article in the NZV8 magazine. Learning, learning and learning!

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