Level 1: Prepared for anything

All Oil Intel branches have a QR code available to scan during Level 1, and we would like to encourage our customers and distributors to do the same.

While New Zealand remains at Alert Level 1, we understand the excitement that comes along with this – getting back to “normal”. We feel it is important to be prepared for all situations, understanding it is possible that COVID-19 may reappear in our community.

The Ministry of Health has created a tracing app called NZ COVID Tracer. The app works by scanning a QR code on a poster at participating businesses, which then keeps a diary of where you have been.

Download the app for Apple and Android here: https://tracing.covid19.govt.nz/

Create your QR code for your business here: https://qrform.tracing.covid19.govt.nz/

Oil Intel continues to promote the practice of good hygiene during Alert Level 1. Our Chemz sanitising package has been specifically developed to kill bacteria, viruses and yeasts, enabling you to protect yourself and your workers in these unknown times.

The complete sanitising package includes:

Chemz Hand Sanitiser – Aerosol 150ml

Chemz Hand Sanitiser – Aerosol 400ml

Chemz Surface and Equipment Sanitiser – Aerosol 500ml

Chemz Surface and Equipment Sanitiser – Bulk 5L

Chemz IPA Cleaner – Aerosol 300ml

Chemz Surface and Equipment Sanitiser IPA – Bulk 5L

You can find out more about the range and how to order here: Sanitiser Range.

If you have any questions, please contact your local rep or call: 06 871 5325.

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