ELF: The legend is yours

For more than 50 years, ELF is building its legend. A legend born with victories, records and who continues to live through all the riding enthusiasts that share the same passion.

Discover below the legend of the most famous British motorsport pilot:

 “In my motorsport career, I had the best team of mechanics in the world. I was supported by great brands like ELF, which was a passionate group that contributed a lot to my success.”

Sir Jackie Stewart, Triple Formula 1 world champion a

During his career, Sir Jackie Stewart took part in 99 races, achieved 43 podium places, and won 27 races. He worked with famous brands like ELF: A major and global company that is one of the first institution that really glamorized the sport and made people more aware of it. Sir Jackie Stewart and ELF have maintained a long- term relationship based on passion and the love of motorsport. Besides this mutual passion, they have shared a common value: safety. As a matter of fact, the triple Formula 1 world champion has fought for making this sport more secured. It was extremely dangerous and today, things have changed, the motorsport world is safer than it’s ever been before. As Sir Jackie Stewart often said: the most important is not to finish first, but to finish.

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As a passionate brand, ELF accompanies its fans in their daily lives with technical premium lubricant products adapted to their needs.

Renowned for its excellence that has led the greatest motorsports legends to victory, ELF puts its expertise into its lubricant products’ design.

Today, ELF pays tribute to its passionate community who keeps the brand’s legendary heritage alive every day. Whether they are triple world Formula one champions, self-taught, professionals, collectors, they all have a special bond with ELF.



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