Fire-resistant hydraulic oil goes the distance with CRL

So what’s the CRL?

Auckland’s 3.45km City Rail Link (CRL) Project aims to turn the Britomart Transport Centre into a two-way through-station better connecting the city’s rail network. The $4.4 billion project quickly became New Zealand’s largest ever infrastructure project, allowing for two-times the current rail capacity (the equivalent of 54,000 people on 16 lanes of road!). Estimated to be complete in 2024, the CRL requires over 2000 people to build the tunnel, and the nature and complexity of the project will upskill the New Zealand workforce for future generations.

They key piece of equipment involved in the tunnel construction is the tunnel boring machine (TBM). CRL have purchased a custom TBM from a specialist German manufacturer – Herrenknecht. This is the same manufacturer that designed and built Alice – the TBM used to construct Auckland’s Waterview motorway tunnel. The TBM that CRL have was named after Maori rights activist Dame Whina Cooper following a public vote.

The TBM is 130m long, cost $13.5 million, and can travel up to 32 metres per day, excavating up to 1500 tonnes of soil in the process.

How did TONZ get involved in the project?

CRL went to market investigating HFDU (fire-resistant) hydraulic oil options in early 2020. This actually ended up taking place during the first COVID lockdown, which added a layer of complexity. Key to becoming an approved supplier was product quality and compatibility. TONZ worked closely with Technical Specialists Bob and Tony to ensure our Hydransafe measured up to their requirements, providing samples for CRL to test. Subsequently, we were chosen as 1 of 3 approved HFDU hydraulic oil suppliers along with Shell and Condat. Ultimately Hydransafe exceeded their requirements, particularly with having the “Factory Mutual” approval. This is the highest approval a product can receive for its use as a fire-resistant oil, and many insurance companies require these standards to be abided by for equipment and products being used in these high-risk areas.

TONZ worked on relationships within CRL over the next 6 months, establishing key points of contact across the project to establish as the majority supplier across their sites, for Hydransafe and the full lubricants range. Over time, TONZ proved to be one of their most reliable suppliers through continuity of supply, excellent delivery time frames, and responsiveness to urgent delivery requirements. Furthermore, the technical support provided through Bob has been second to none, and widely appreciated throughout the CRL team.

What makes Hydransafe so special?

Hydransafe is a new-generation hydraulic fluid specially designed for applications where there are fire hazards. The synthetic biodegradable oil was developed to provide customers with a product that helps them reduce their environmental footprint. It is specifically formulated to offer an extended operating temperature range, meaning it can be used in a variety of situations.

How can I get my hands on some?

To find out if Hydransafe is right for your project, give our Technical Specialist Team a call on 0800 TOTAL OIL (0800 868 256)

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