The season is done and dusted – Taylor Hawks 2021

The season for the Hawke’s Bay Taylor Hawks is done and dusted. Taking out 2nd place in the New Zealand NBL championship Basketball competition.

Taylor Hawks have played a continuous fight with an overall 12 successful wins. Adam Forde is one proud coach of the Bay Hawks basketball team and drove the team to extreme success. The season started off promising, playing the Canterbury Rams and taking home a win 104-90. More wins followed that.

Unfortunately, the Hawks were beaten in the last seconds of the final between them and the Wellington Saints. After defeating the Southland Sharks the night before, the Hawks put up a hard fight, although didn’t leave with the result they were after, and the Saints took it home. This won’t stop the team from training harder than ever to come back in the next NZ NBL competition.

As you can see from the pictures of the team, they without a doubt get involved in every single game, backing their crew and team players with everything they’ve got. The Hawks show a massive supportive family atmosphere which here at Total Oil NZ we strongly value that. Being one of the sponsors for the team is a huge privilege for Total, as we can turn up and support the boys to victory.

Throughout the season, we wanted to capture the Hawks boys in their everyday lifestyles in a mini video series and create a stronger bond with them as people rather than just knowing them as our local basketball team.   episode 1  episode 2

Special Mention to –Roshysportfolio · Photography (Taylor Hawks)

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