Star Trans 80W-110

TOTAL STAR TRANS 80W-110 is a very high performance lubricant especially developed for the lubrication of gears and final drives of equipment used in public works, mining or quarries.

Product Description

TOTAL STAR TRANS 80W-110 makes it possible to lubricate front or back strongly hypoid axles and loaded final reductions. It also permits cooling without vibrations of oil immersed brake systems. This product can be used in all types of gearboxes, with mechanical or synchronized shifting. TOTAL STAR TRANS 80W-110 is used all year round, due to its high viscosity index.
In certain application cases, this lubricant must be used in conjunction with the so-called ‘STAR XL’ additive (refer to the Technical Data Sheet).

International Specifications
Performance Levels: API GL-5 / GL-4 CAT FD-1 (SAE 50) CAT TO-4 (SAE 50) Komatsu Micro Clutch

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