Oil Intel MWF Coolant System Cleaner

OIL INTEL MWF COOLANT SYSTEM CLEANER is a cleaner for soluble oil operated, metalworking machines.

Product Description

It was developed for the cleaning of machines before draining. Contains a blend of detergents, biocides and corrosion inhibitors.

This cleaner works by recirculating the MWF Coolant System Cleaner for a minimum of 8 hours before draining, then flushing with fresh water and refilling with fresh machining coolant. It provides temporary corrosion protection for system components during coolant change. After addition of OIL INTEL MWF COOLANT SYSTEM CLEANER it is possible to continue machining without interruption for 8-12 hours.

Neutralizes any objectionable odour from the coolant prior to maintenance operations. Recommended dosage: 1-3% depending on extent of fluid contamination.

Using this product ensures the new coolant will be free from initial contamination providing improved coolant life and performance.

Compatible with most commonly used polymer hose and seal materials, and all metals commonly used for coolant system components.

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