Lubeco Saw Blade & Guide Oil

LUBECO SAW BLADE & GUIDE OIL is a high performance, naturally tacky and readily biodegradable lubricant for heavy-duty applications requiring a high level of lubricity and anti-wear & anti-corrosion protection.

Product Description

This oil contains specially selected EP (Extreme Pressure) and AW (Anti-Wear) additives and naturally present, extremely high Viscosity Index.
Developed to replace the usual mineral oil based lubricants in order to provide a greater performance and reduce environmental footprint.

LUBECO SAW BLADE & GUIDE OIL is designed for the lubrication of stationery power saws and cutting equipment in timber processing facilities.

Readily biodegradable over 98% Biodegradability within 28 days.

International Specifications
EU Ecolabel Certificate of environmental excellence. ISO VG 40

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