GreasyMat – Automatic Lube System

Based on the principle of a piston pump, the GREASYMAT® is the ideal tool for reliable lubrication.

Agriculture, Food, Industrial,
Product Description

Its ejection pressure of 10 bar allows single-point use and remote installation of the system by up to 2 metres. Remote installation and control make it easy to lubricate dangerous or hard-to-reach points. The only consumables needed to operate the system are lubricant refills and battery packs. Its 240 cc capacity allows a variety of applications in all types of industrial sectors.

A simple adapter screwed onto the lubrication point determines the lubrication programme. GREASYMAT® is supplied with 4 different-coloured adapters for lubrication intervals of 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. The chosen adapter is fixed permanently to the lubrication point, thus preventing any risk of error when changing the refill.

It only takes a few seconds to refill a GREASYMAT® system. There is no need to stop the machine to refill the system if the unit is installed remotely. Infinitely refillable, this product offers an ecological alternative to most autonomous lubricators

Refills for the GREASYMAT® are available in Ceran XM 220 and Nevatstane XS 80.
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