Glacelf Auto Supra

GLACELF AUTO SUPRA is a coolant used to dilute O.A.T

Product Description

GLACELF AUTO SUPRA is a very long life antifreeze based on high purity monoethylene glycol and organic corrosion inhibitors.

When mixed with an appropriate quantity of water, this antifreeze becomes a coolant fluid recommended for all internal combustion engines in cars and vans, trucks, construction machinery and agricultural tractors.

GLACELF AUTO SUPRA contains no silicates, phosphates, chromates, nitrites or boron.
In our range of antifreezes, this is the top-of-the-range product.

International Specifications
International Specifications: AFNOR NFR 15-601 ASTMD3306 ASTMD4656 ASTMD4985 ASTMD6210 BS 6580 SAE J1034 NATOS-759 JASOM325 Officially Approved by the Following Manufacturers: VW SEAT AUDI SKODA PORSCHE: VW TL 774 D / F (G12 / G12+) MB-Approval 325.3 FORDWSS-M97B44 MAZDA MEZ MN 121 D JAGUAR LAND-ROVER STJLR651.5003 MAN 324 TypSNF DEUTZ DQC CB-14 GM 6277M GMW3420 GE Jenbacher TA1000-0201 MWM2091 / 11 CAT2091 / 11 CUMMINS IS series u N14 KOMATSU 07 892 (2009) LIEBHERRMD1-36-130 MTU MTL 5048 Meets the Requirements of: RENAULT 41-01-001 / S Type D SAAB LEYLAND TRUCKS WARTSILLA32-9011 DAF SCANIA FENDT; VALTRA CASE; NEW HOLLANDMAT3624 CUMMINS CES 14439 CUMMINS CES 14603 CAT EC-1

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