Finavestan AP 80

FINAVESTAN AP 80 is a medicinal grade white oil.

White Oils,
Product Description

The application is subject to the applicable laws and regulations in each country. FINAVESTAN AP 80 is a component for many pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. This is also a plasticizer for the polystyrene, external lubricant and other uses for food packaging-grade polymers. Extender for elastomers and used also for adhesives formulations. In the food industry, this is a defoaming agent, protective film and release agent . Component of the lubricants for the food Industry (incidental food contact). Food processing aid (direct food contact) and food additive: application subject to the laws and regulations in each country.

International Specifications
Specifications: FINAVESTAN AP white oils meet the requirements of the following specifications(1) : US Pharmacopoeia, most recent edition US FDA, 21 CFR 172.878 et 21 CFR 178-3620(a), White Mineral Oil FINAVESTAN AP is suitable for direct food contact(2) Detailed information about the compliances of the FINAVESTAN AP white oils is available upon request through your local sales representative.

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