Dynatrans MPV

DYNATRANS MPV is a lubricant for transmissions with oil immersed brakes and hydraulic systems used in agricultural tractors and public works or handling equipment.

Product Description

TOTAL DYNATRANS MPV has been especially developed for transmissions with wet brakes requiring an API GL-4 lubricant with a 10W-30 or 80W viscosity grade, in both Off-Road and On-Road vehicles.

This lubricant is also perfectly adapted to automatic transmissions, torque converters and hydrostatic transmissions and more generally to any transmission requiring an UTTO (Universal Tractor Transmissions Oil) lubricant.

TOTAL DYNATRANS MPV is also designed to lubricate hydraulic systems, power-assisted steering and power-take-offs (PTO) with wet clutches.

International Specifications
Manufacturers Approvals: MASSEY F. CMS M1145 / M1143 VALTRA G2-08 VOLVO CE WB101 ZF TE ML 03E / 03L / 05F / 06P / 17E / 21F Suitable When the Following Specifications / Products are Recommended: MASSEY F. CMS M1141 / M1135 CASE MS 1206 / 1207 / 1209 NEW HOLLAND NH 410B / NH 410C CNH MAT 3505 / 3509 / 3525 / 3526 / 3540 KUBOTA UDT KOMATSU AXO 80 AGCO / Allis 821 XL Meets the Requirements of the Specifications: JOHN DEERE JDM J20C FORD M2C 134D / FNHA 2C 201.00 Mc CORMICK HTX CLAAS / RENAULT AGRICULTURE

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