Car Care: Give your car a new lease of life


Total Oil NZ are excited to announce the launch of our new Car Care Product line.

Our key line consists of 12 items across the technical, windows,  air fresheners, interior, and exterior ranges. Each product has been carefully developed and has the TotalEnergies product guarantee.

Please get in touch with your local Account Manager, or give us a bell on 0800 TOTAL OIL, or

You can download the bulletin here: Bulletin – Customer

Tyre Repair

This trail and road solution repairs and reinflates a flat tyre fast and safely. No need for tools or removing the wheel, ideal in rain or at night.

Engine Cleaner

The professional’s choice for removing grease and dirt from all exposed parts of the engine, even in hard-to-reach places. Find out more here!


This windshield cleaner is specially formulated for an effortlessly clean, residue-free finish. It removes grime and leaves glass shining. Fluid is concentrated, dilute with water in concentration 1:10 (250ml concentrate gives 2.5L ready to us fluid.

Wheel Cleaner

High-performance professional-grade cleaner. Your wheels endure daily punishment, so give them back their sparkle.
This easy-to-use cleaner even removes greasy brake dust. Suitable for all wheel types.

Upholstery Cleaner

Cleans and removes all types of stains, on seats, mats, and carpets. Gently restores without harming.
Leaves a clean, fresh fragrance. Suitable for cleaning textiles in all type of vehicles.

Leather Cleaner

Triple action formula cleans, protects and revitalises leather and renews vinyl. Restores the natural shine.

Glass Cleaner

Effectively removes grease and dirt from car windows. Streak-free result. Used indoors, the unique 2-in-1 formula leaves an invisible fog layer that improves visibility when weather conditions are humid. Can be used on tinted glass.

Tyre Shine

Quick and easy way to make tyres look like brand new. Creates a deep black wet look. Suitable for all tyres and can be used all year round.

Car Wax Shampoo

A perfect product for washing of a car and protecting painted surfaces. Leaves a gloss to the paintwork. Mix 10ml of Shampoo in 10 litres of warm water.

Little Joe Lotus

Long-lasting freshness for the passenger compartment. The fun way to fight unpleasant odours at a tiny price. Position vertically over an air vent. Lasts 45 days.

Aircon & Interior Refresher

A highly effective spray for freshening up the interior, air-circulation system, and air condition of motor vehicles. Activate in running vehicle for 5 minutes with the air circulation system at maximum.

Coolelf Auto Supra -26

Cooling liquid suitable for all cooling systems of combustion engines in cars, vans, trucks, buses, constructing machines and agricultural tractors.

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