Multagri Super 15W-40

TOTAL MULTIAGRI SUPER 15W-40 is a multi-purpose oil adapted to the lubrication of different systems of agricultural machinery.

Product Description

It is designed for turbocharged or naturally-aspirated diesel engines. This lubricant is also adapted to mechanical transmissions, gearboxes, reduction drives, bevel gears requiring API GL-4 / MIL.L.2105 SAE 80W-90 performance.

TOTAL MULTIAGRI SUPER 15W-40 is recommended for:
– Mechanical transmissions fitted with oil bath brakes
– Hydraulic lift and assistance circuits
– Power take-offs and multidisc clutches operating in oil
– Hydrostatic steering systems

International Specifications
International Specifications: ACEA E2 API CF-4 / CE / SF API GL-4 Manufacturer Approvals: Massey-Ferguson CMS M 1145 / M1144 Meets the Requirements of: Engines : Ford M2C 159B3, Massey Ferguson CMS M1139, John Deere JDM J27 Transmissions : John Deere JDM J20A / C, Ford M2C86A, M2C134D, FNHA 2C 201.00, Massey Ferguson CMS M1127A, M1135 Automatic transmissions : GM Allison C4

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